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[founded 1913]

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Aharon's Jewish Books & Judaica
600 So Holly Street Suite 103, Denver, CO  80246

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The Kosher Coffee House

Jewish Denver 1859-1940Jewish Denver: 1859-1940
By Jeanne E. Abrams Ph.D.

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Aharon's Jewish Books

Jewish  Families have been in Colorado since the gold rush days of 1859 and played many important roles, including that of helping health seekers who flocked to Colorado.

Aharon's Jewish Books & Judaica

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Is Denver really a mile high?
Denver has always been known as the Mile High City. In fact, the 15th step of the state capitol is exactly 5,280 feet - one mile high. If you visit Coors Field baseball stadium while in Denver, be sure to sit in the purple seats, where you'll view the game at a mile high.

Gail Ashkanazi Hankin

Cherie Karo Schwartz

Dr. David Kazzaz

Jewish Comics

These are just a few of the many Jewish experiences that Elisheva did not miss because she was adopted by a Jewish family.There are, however, many Jewish children in the United States who aren't as lucky.They haven't found a Jewish family.....

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Family-oriented celebration of Jewish culture

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Tefillin Mehudarot Kosher by - Tefillin for the head contains the four Biblical passages written on four different pieces of parchment and placed in four separate compartments. In Tefillin for the arm, it is slightly different. The same four passages are written, but consecutively on a single parchment and inserted into a single box. These parchments are known as parashot. Both of the two boxes contain four sections of the Torah inscribed on parchment. Aharon's Jewish Books and Judaica
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600 South Holly Street Suite 103
Denver, Colorado

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